Chromebook – the laptop of the moment! Extra advantageous during Black Friday

It is almost Black Friday and that means that we are slowly starting to look around us. Do I still need new earplugs? Should I still invest in a tablet? Could I do my job better on a new laptop? Black Friday is the ultimate electronics discount day.

You could consider a chromebook, among other things, thanks to the good integration with the cloud. You actually always work in the browser with Google’s word processing, spreadsheet and other Office-like programs. Everything is automatically saved and you can access it from a variety of locations as long as you log in to your Google account again.

Chrome OS

Another big plus that you may not always think about is security. Chrome OS is automatically updated, which makes the laptop more resistant to external attacks. Partly due to the pandemic, these attacks have increased significantly in number.

Acer Chromebook R13 is the perfect example of a good Chromebook. It has a folding screen so you can use it as a tablet as well as a laptop. A big plus in a world where tablets are gaining ground again. You can watch Netflix very well thanks to the full HD screen, which displays images sharply.

The advantage of a Chromebook is not only that they are often cheaper in purchase price than the average Windows laptop or Macbook, it is also that the experience is almost the same as on your smartphone. Just like in the Google Play Store, you can download apps on the laptop and use them immediately. That is the case on every Chromebook and very handy, but R13 is a Chromebook with touchscreen. So you can not only find the apps in the same way: you can also use them like on your smartphone, but bigger.