The Tobi Smartwatch.

Smartwatches can no longer be ignored in our daily existence. One smartwatch is even more advanced than the other. Where we previously only registered our steps by these smart wristwatches, nowadays we can do more with a smartwatch. But what about our children, at what age do we introduce them to a wristwatch or smartwatch.
Children and technology
Children come into contact with technological developments earlier and earlier. Watching a movie for 5 minutes on a tablet is already so well established that we no longer be surprised if a 9-year-old child comes by on the phone with grandpa or grandma. But where do you draw that line?

Smartwatch for children
The Tobi Smartwatch is a smartwatch for children from 4 years old. With this fun watch, children can playfully experience what it is like to have literally everything at hand. In both a pink and blue version, children can learn to read the clock, do maths and we as parents can enter reminders for the children which they then receive as a notification on their wrist.

They can even take pictures with it and send videos that they can edit with all kinds of fun figures before you get to see them as a parent. All in all, a fun and educational gadget that ties in nicely with the technological progress in the field of smartwatches.

A very important detail is that as a parent you keep control when it comes to connectivity. You keep track of which devices the Tobi Smartwatch is connected to. The nicest detail is that you can even play voice messages on it. Very nice and handy if you are walking around with your own smartwatch and you want to let your son or daughter know that you are almost home.